ATTENTION: iNetwork Test will be Shutting Down March 30, 2013. Thank you to all our users who have supported us since 2007.
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Over 3,000,000 TESTS SERVED

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Mobile Network Testing Solutions began with the creation of a basic iPhone web application that inferentially measured the speed of the network the device was connected to. The interest in the application was overwhelming with over half a million results collected to date. The need for reliable, easy to use mobile network testing solutions is one that will continue to grow as more mobile devices infiltrate the marketplace and newer, faster networks come online.

iNetwork Test is developing a suite of solutions for a variety of platforms starting with the iPhone and Android platforms. These tests are more reliable providing a true speed measurement at the lowest possible level of the stack as allowed by the various software development kits.

Have suggestions or interested in having a custom mobile application for Android/iPhone developed? Contact us at: We are experts in web and mobile integrated solution development.