ATTENTION: iNetwork Test will be Shutting Down March 30, 2013. Thank you to all our users who have supported us since 2007.
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Change Log

Version 3.0
Status: Current Version on App Store

- Upload Test Added
- Ability to customize transmission/results saving
- In App Map
- Removed 10 Result Save Limit
- New About Screen
- General UI Improvements

Version 1.0.5
Status: Current Version on App Store

- Latency Test Added
- Fixed UI bug with Do Not Transmit Results Button
- Other bug fixes

Version 1.0.4
Status: Current Version on App Store

- When Cellular Network is Detected, Prompt to choose 3G or EDGE
- Run the test again from the results screen
- Revamped Past Results List, Optimized for Readability.
- Version Number shown on About Screen.

Version 1.0.3
Status: Current Version on App Store

- Overall stability of the application is greatly improved
- Forces a network refresh on startup
- Greys out Start Test button until an IP address has been found - up to 30 seconds.
- Clear button hidden when the results are cleared.
- Network test now aquires a more accurate location.
- Random crash at application startup when retrieving IP address now fixed.

Version 1.0.2
Status: Current Version on App Store

- Updated about page to show "Changes", points to - Changed display of values from "KB/sec" to "kbps"
- Added "Clear" button to "Past 10 Results":
  - Prompts user for verification of result clearing
  - Upon clearing of results, objects get removed, and screen is refreshed to show 0 results.
- Network type no longer shows "EDGE", now defaults to "Cellular".
- Segment updates are less CPU intensive when receiving data
- "Percentage" is no longer the default text in the "Calculating Speed" page.
- "CELL" shown instead of "EDGE" in past results.

Version 1.0.1
Status: Current Version on App Store

- Location updates more reliable
- Results no longer save twice
- Wording on the reporting of results to the master server has been changed to match Apple's wording "Allow/Don't Allow".
- Past 10 results line items were not highlighting when selected. This is fixed.
- Tapping User/Pass in the settings page no longer scrolls up to make room for the keyboard.
- About page now shows "Version 1.0.1" in the display.