ATTENTION: iNetwork Test will be Shutting Down March 30, 2013. Thank you to all our users who have supported us since 2007.

Inetwork_logo_57 Due to a bug in the iPhone 2.1 OS, links to App Store are not working properly. To get our app, search the App Store for iNetwork
You can try this link but it is not guranteed to work.

iNetwork Test Native Edition allows you to measure the speed of the network your device is connected to. The application stores your last 10 results, including speed and location at which the test was performed. Results can be voluntarily transmitted to the website, building a global database of performance information for the iPhone/iPod Touch on WiFi, Edge, and 3G networks. Additionally, you can choose to sign up for a free account that will store all your results online; plotting them on a custom map. Look for the addition of new features soon.

Featured by Walt Mossberg in the
Wall Street Journal